Peaceful Earth Foundation

I Want a Peaceful Earth is a Movement conceived from the depths of longing for a peaceful, harmonious planet and the firm conviction, which has its foundation in Science, that such is possible.

Science has proved, through numerous experiments, that meditation is effective is achieving personal peace. But more important, is the fact that when many people meditate together with a common intent, the effects are magnified. In fact, what begins as a tiny ripple of peace has the potential for turning into a tidal wave when many people across the planet strive for the same.

I Want a Peaceful Earth recognizes this potential, and seeks to tap it by creating Peace Ambassadors. Each Peace Ambassador is a person dedicated to this mission to create a peaceful Earth, through the power of meditation. When millions of Peace Ambassadors meditate together with common intent, peace will no longer be unattainable and tangible results will be observed.

We invite each one of you, who has the same, strong desire as us, to see a peaceful earth, to join us in this Movement as a Peace Ambassador, and empower the Movement with your presence.

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When we think a thought, we give it life through the emotion we place in that thought, thereby creating a feeling. A feeling is therefore, like belief, a product of thought and emotion. Feelings originate in our hearts, and are strongly connected to our beliefs. Our beliefs are what translate the quantum possibilities into physical realities – the atoms of the world.


A prediction made by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1960, stated that 1% of a population, practicing Transcendental Meditation Technique, would result in measurable improvements in life for the entire population. This unusual phenomenon was first observed in 1974 which proved this prediction, such that 1% of a community meditating caused an average decrease of 16% in crime rate. This phenomenon was termed the Maharishi Effect.


The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international collaboration of scientists and engineers. They have a unique measurement system designed to enhance global connectivity. 70 such stations or Random Number Generators (RNG’s) placed around the world, collect and examine data. These stations connect to a central computer at Princeton University. So far, the RNG’s have been collecting data for over 10 years.


I want a Peaceful Earth will hold one event, at which will gather 10,000 people, in 365 cities, every day of the year. These 10,000 people will be the Peace Ambassadors who have signed up for this cause and who share a common intent for a peaceful earth. Their combined meditation will begin the surge of peace that will continue



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